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Fall Harvest Table



Harvest table with this seasons  yield. There’s a variety of pumpkins, corn, flowers, and acorns.


A garden lantern gives warmth and much needed height for this table. It is set with fall leaf-patterned plates layered with a contrasting  burgundy salad plate and golden chargers. Miniature pumpkins create a foundation for this centerpiece.


Pumpkins are carefully placed in an antique tray. Acorns and Indian corn surround the antique tray. Large glass goblets cast shadows on the pumpkins, almost shading them from the afternoon sun.


Cream and burgundy plates accompanied with golden chargers are set on natural fiber place mats.



The tablescape is set on the patio. Yellow Mums and dining arm chairs welcome one to sit down and enjoy the evening.


For an easy change between entertainment you can alter your table easily! In this case, terracotta colored plates with stoneware bowls can be interchanged. The chargers are foundation pieces and in most cases do not need to be changed. Acorn spreaders and a casserole dish with acorn salt and pepper shakers balance the color palate on this table.


Close up view of the Mums!


A change in centerpiece can also add a different look to the table. A large vase can be filled with different flowers from the garden. For myself, I used light green Hydrangea (Miscanthus species), ornamental grass, Mums, and rose buds. Crepe Myrtle berries and White Snakeroot  flowers adorn the bottom of the arrangements.




dsc_0347I just couldn’t resist the sun rays coming through the flowers.

Happy Harvest,



Photography done by my youngest daughter.




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6 replies

  1. Beautifully decorated love the fall colors


  2. Thanks Pauline! stay tuned for more post to follow


  3. Wow Liz, you’ve done a great job! Wondering what’s on the menu!

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  4. Crisp air, abundance of warm colors, distinct looks and creative ideas!!! Excellent setting for that warm and welcoming feel of Fall..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the centerpieces and plates!


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