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Easter trees and spring decorations!

Now for some indoor decorations! I created a variation of spring and Easter trees!


Blue and white Easter trees in my sunroom. Snow covered ground first day of spring.


I created a blue and white tree by using a small Grand Handle Urn covered in moss as a base and Tulip Poplar branches as the ‘tree’. I adorned the tree with DIY Styrofoam eggs. I used chalk paint to create vibrant blue eggs and stark white branches. The overall look is both colorful and muted by the matte finish.


Blue room  with blue and white tree!


The bunny tree is adorned with decorative Easter bunny eggs. If you look closely, you will notice a picture on each egg



My Precious Antique tree

Now onto my favorite tree, the Easter tree! It’s very special to me and I use it in almost all of my Easter decorations. I picked it up from MJ Designs (this was a craft store back in the 90’s) with my girls and we’ve decorated it each year. It has a bit of minor wear and tear but the memories attached to it are precious and priceless – I guess you can call it an antique! I  decorated the antique tree with silk eggs, simple and sweet.


Bead studded multi color easter eggs adorns the dining room chandelier.





Thanks a bunch everyone for visiting!! Tell your friends about my lovely Spring and Easter blog. Your comments are much appreciated.If you have any questions, send me a message for more information. I would be more than happy to discuss my decorations and how I made my DIY creations!


Liz Prakash


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  1. How beautiful!! My favorite are the beaded eggs on the chandelier. So elegant.


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