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Bunnies and birdnest tablescape with edible centerpiece.

Easter is just few days away, let’s bring out the bunnies, fill the baskets with Easter eggs and spring blossoms. Set the table for brunch and beyond.


Vase filled with M &M chocolate candy. Daffodils picked from my garden mixed with store brought Carnation flowers makes this center piece.


I filled the container with M&M, inserted a small plastic cup (cup must be smaller than your vase) and twisted till the M&M covered the sides of the plastic cup and the cup is not visible. Carefully pour the cold water into the cup,then insert flowers into the cup.


Ready for race in his pink truck.




This pastel colored tablecloth lays the foundation for this table. Two rose gold bunnies strolled in with their cousins and took a the best seat.


Fiona in her pretty Easter dress!


Family getting ready for the photographer


Here we go! All ready for picture taking:)



Cup cakes!

Enjoy! I hope you have enjoyed this blog. Thank you all for visiting!! Tell your friends about my Easter tables-cape blog. If you have any questions, send me a message for more information. I would be more than happy to discuss my decorations and how I made my DIY creations!


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3 replies

  1. Beautiful decorations! I especially love the bunny cupcakes! They are absolutely adorable.


  2. Beautiful! Love the yellow and pink flowe combination and colorful bunnies!


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