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Forsythia and Daffodils – Elegant Easter eggs and birds nest tablescape.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! Easter is a time of new beginnings and a renewal of life and hope. For most of us, Easter encompasses bunny rabbits, eggs, and spring but it is much more. Decorations and interior design are a great way to show transitions in seasons, especially when you have a holiday to help mark it!



I clipped few branches for my spring arrangement. Due to unseasonably cold conditions most of the blossoms were killed.


Blue and white vase holds Forsythia blossoms

The first blossom to catch one’s eye during this season of budding life is Forsythia and Daffodils. They are both so vibrant and colorful. DSC_0186


I have placed few Daffodils in a Watering Can. Daisy and Bella had to see what was in the Watering Can.


For this holiday and celebration of Spring, I have created a vibrant Easter/Spring tablescape with fresh flowers, birds nest, and bunny candle holders.


Golden charger laid the foundation for this table setting.


My M&M center pieces was a good contrast for Kate Spade table runner


Golden Birds nest



I just couldn’t resist this kitchen towel set, he had to come home with me.


They lied.


Tables Details

                                             Table cloth                       Home goods

                                            Table runner                    Kate Spade Home goods

                                            Birds nest                           Pier 1 imports

                                           Bunny Candle holder       Pier 1 imports

                                          Bunny kitchen towel          Home goods 

                                        Golden  charger                      Home goods

Bunnies                                      Home goods & Walmart

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