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Spring in Washington DC

Spring in Washington DC!

When one thinks of Washington DC, what comes to mind? Monuments and memorials, famous buildings like the Pentagon, capital and the white house. Washington DC is a place unlike any other. It’s a home away from home with free museums, gardens, theaters, award-winning restaurants and more. DC hosts many festivals, concerts and galas, just to name a few. Let me take you to the Tidal Basin where the blossoms are in full bloom, if we are lucky we may see few water fouls.


Tidal Basin


Blossoms on the opposite side of basin


Blossoms at their prime! 

Milky way 🙂


Jefferson Memorial


Washington Monument across the Tidal Basin



Lincoln Memorial .This was a drive by shot!

Canadian Geese enjoying a beautiful spring day


Wheels down ready to land. Reagan National Airport

Hope you guys have enjoyed DC as much as I did. Please don’t forget to like and leave me a message.



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