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Hip hip hooray,May is here!

Washington DC has many faces. Most of you have visited the nation’s Capital, even a few were lucky to see the Tidal basin where cherry blossoms live. During the autumn months the trees drop their leaves and take a long nap. The sun then warms up the land, Mother Nature wakes up and begins to dress her lifeless trees in soft pink blossoms. The blossoms open overnight. A beautiful pink hue covers the trees.

Magnolias at its best!



My favorite milky way 🙂
Enjoying beautiful sunny day!




Alabaster lamp shade with Cherry Blossom
Martin Luther King Jr Monument


The first outdoor event after the cold winter months, is the Spring Cherry blossom festival. Once the blossoms are opened, every day is a festival day for the natives and visitors. DC welcomes visitors from all over the world. This year we experienced unusual cold and windy weather that battered the precious cherry Blossoms.  Despite this, the blossoms held strong. As the weather grew warmer, streaks of pink were seen before a full blush was attained.

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  1. Beautiful


  2. Welcome Spring! Great pics.


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