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Happy Mother’s Day!

In accordance with Mother’s day celebration, I want to wish every Mother a very, “Happy Blessed Mother’s Day”. This post is dedicated to all the creative moms. I want to especially thank my Mom, who is my support and mentor in every project I have created and will create.

For this year’s Mother’s Day, I have created a DIY flower box! The best part of this DIY is the fact this box is made out of 100% cardboard. You can use it and dispose the box when done. I found it in a pile of  DVD boxes to be trashed at my office. I knew I could use it in some fashion to spruce up a room (and even set it out for an outdoor event) and just in time for Mother’s Day! The box has four compartments. I wanted to transform each compartment into little beauties to house my flower arrangement.


In each section, I used plastic DVD-disc containers to place my flower arrangement.

IMG_20180511_213513 They were just the perfect size to fit into the individual compartments! Green Flora’s, ‘Wet Foam’ was the base to arrange the flowers, which included store brought roses and hydrangeas.  Irises from my garden, the only plant that deer wont devour.  Dogwood blossoms  are to tall for them to reach. DSC_0625



A simple coat of blue chalk paint turned this box into a beautiful wood-look-alike container. DSC_0632

I normally use larger flowers and flower bunches as the base of my canvas and add in details with single flowers, in this case roses and irises. DSC_0627.JPG



You can see the details of the cardboard box in the edges 😉


If you don’t have time to make your own DIY, you can use everyday items in your home! It’s as simple as a great vase, flowers, and some delicious supporting actors. To achieve this look, I used a tall pitcher vase, a simple flower arrangement, and some yummy dessert!


Mango pudding with lemon sponge cake


An organic orchid on top of the dessert adds a lovely touch of color.



I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did. Let me know what you think! Like my posts and make sure to leave me a message or send me questions. I love to hear from y’all!

Happy Mothers Day!

Liz Prakash

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