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Spring is in the air!

Finally I thought we had a warm day, but I spoke too soon. The temperature has dropped drastically overnight and the winds have picked up, anyway I am planning on bring spring indoors. I have put together a couple flower arrangements, which are easy to make and pleasing to the eyes. A few of the bunnies escaped from the Easter decoration box and have placed themselves strategicaly on the table top. They have their baskets full of miniature hyacinths, hopping from one table top to the other 🙂

A Spring linen tablecloth anchors a stunning flower arrangement. Styrofoam balls are used as filler for my crystal vase. Tulips and Daffodils are the stars of this arrangement. I have also included a few budding branches to bring elegance and a little bit of wilderness in my floral arrangement.
Pussy willow and Daffodils are the first to bloom in the early spring. I have used willow branches and daffodils for this arrangement. I have also used moss nuggets to hold the branches down. The Daffodils are from my garden, the only plant that does not get devoured by the deer population. Bunnies are out to play, their baskets on their back make it easy to hop from one tabletop to another 🙂
The only plant that surives from deer.
Mr. and Mrs. Hare await their guest for an afternoon stroll in the garden.
I am in a hurry little birdie, catch you on my way back. I have to take these flowers to the garden.

Flower arrangemets directions

For this arrangement one can use two vases, one large tall vase and the second one shorter than the first one. I used a large crystal vase inserted into the second vase and filled the space between the two vases with styrofoam balls. I used the green styrofoam balls first, then the yellow balls. Please be careful when filling the vase, do not spill. Once you have filled the vase with styrofoam balls, fill the insert with cold water and place your flowers and branches as desired.
The styrofoam balls are from the dollar store. I wanted to bring more green for this arrangement.

Hope you have enjoyed my blog as much as I did, any questions please contact me @www.tableswearspearls .com. I hope I have answered all your questions about the filler and arrangement. Branches are fom my backyard.Please don’t forget to like the page and leave comments.

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  1. Very nice! Hopefully warmer weather this weekend!

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