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Blue and white Easter decorations and Table settings

With Easter decorations and tablescapes, one can show off the prettiest flower arrangements and spring decorations. There is nothing classier than the old fashioned/old–school blue and white. Hand painted Easter eggs, which hang from my all season tree, and Easter eggs covered with blue and white paper napkins or serviettes. This post is for all the blue and white lovers, come along and enjoy with me.

Blue and white Tablescape! Bunnies have taken over this table,and made themselves comfortable. Filled up their baskets with blue Easter eggs. Daisy has a special flower in her hand.
Blue hand painted eggs and baby chicks adorn the table.
The star of the table is Mr. Hare, with his new neck tie he looks sharp and smart, not cute. Mr Hare took the center stage and hopped on the plate settings he is the self proclaimed leader . He is accompanied by and his little helper Daisy.
Gathered by the Easter tree, looks like they are ready for the parade!!! Keep watchind for the parade…
Easter tree: with hand painted easter eggs hung with love and care!
Blue and White table, Mr Rooster joined the group. He holds a special spot on the table.
I am in Blue heaven

Serviettes wrapped easter eggs
Mr Rooster claimed this plate setting
Daisy the little helper
Soup Tureen
Beautiful hand painted dishes
Everyone is welcome!

I hope you have enjoyed the blue and white table! Please dont forget to leave a comment, that makes my day. Happy spring!!!

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  1. What a great table scape! I love the concept of white and blue for Easter! It’s a great masterpiece. Also, the egg candle holders is such a unique piece! 10/10 yet again!


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