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An Autumn Affair: Part 2 Fall Bouquet

Fall Decorating Ideas to turn your home into a Seasonal Escape… an Autumn arrangement with fall flowers. These no-fail Fall decorating ideas are perfect for when you are short on time! Either to add warmth to a living room or to a Thanksgiving table.

Easy steps to follow in creating the fall bouquet, with dried flowers, evergreens cuttings and fresh fruits. For dried flowers I have used hydrangeas from my garden, Lady Smith apples and Persimmons from the local store. These simple, yet sophisticated fall decorating ideas can help you to create a cozy, inviting look, for any room in your home. This arrangement is the one for you.

Fall bouquet with Blue and white ceramics
Fresh fruits add depth to this fall arrangement.
A ring neck Pheasant flew in and took the center stage.

Here are the simple steps to follow: For this arrangement, I used a pretty shallow urn, dried hydrangeas blossoms and evergreen cutting. I used wooden skewers to secure floral foam to the base. Make sure the floral foam is well secured, and your dried flowers have long stem. Floral tape can be used to secure the foam to the Styrofoam base.

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  1. You are sooo talented! I enjoy your post they give me so many ideas 🙂

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