Red white and blue at its best!

Red white and blue! I put together a few DIY project’s to help celebrate the 4th. Hope everyone enjoys, as much as I did. Red white and blue pleated bunting for the front porch,hand painted (CD) card board box transformed into a flower box, filled with fresh flowers and much more.

Between rain showers I managed to get a few pics of the porch
My Flag tree. Recycled organic Easter tree.
My favorite red and white antic ceramic warming dish, transformed to container for the flower arrangement.
Flag tree in my sun room ! with fire works. 
My card board box all dressed up in Red white and blue!
 Red white and blue side table
I just couldn’t rap up, with out my  Blue and white plates.Singing birds tray from Restoration Hardware store, antic blue and white plates, fresh flowers from the local Super Market. 

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Happy Mother’s Day!

In accordance with Mother’s day celebration, I want to wish every Mother a very, “Happy Blessed Mother’s Day”. This post is dedicated to all the creative moms. I want to especially thank my Mom, who is my support and mentor in every project I have created and will create.

For this year’s Mother’s Day, I have created a DIY flower box! The best part of this DIY is the fact this box is made out of 100% cardboard. You can use it and dispose the box when done. I found it in a pile of  DVD boxes to be trashed at my office. I knew I could use it in some fashion to spruce up a room (and even set it out for an outdoor event) and just in time for Mother’s Day! The box has four compartments. I wanted to transform each compartment into little beauties to house my flower arrangement.


In each section, I used plastic DVD-disc containers to place my flower arrangement.

IMG_20180511_213513 They were just the perfect size to fit into the individual compartments! Green Flora’s, ‘Wet Foam’ was the base to arrange the flowers, which included store brought roses and hydrangeas.  Irises from my garden, the only plant that deer wont devour.  Dogwood blossoms  are to tall for them to reach. DSC_0625



A simple coat of blue chalk paint turned this box into a beautiful wood-look-alike container. DSC_0632

I normally use larger flowers and flower bunches as the base of my canvas and add in details with single flowers, in this case roses and irises. DSC_0627.JPG


You can see the details of the cardboard box in the edges 😉


If you don’t have time to make your own DIY, you can use everyday items in your home! It’s as simple as a great vase, flowers, and some delicious supporting actors. To achieve this look, I used a tall pitcher vase, a simple flower arrangement, and some yummy dessert!

Mango pudding with lemon sponge cake
An organic orchid on top of the dessert adds a lovely touch of color.



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Happy Mothers Day!

Liz Prakash

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Hip hip hooray,May is here! Good bye cold windy days, welcome sunny warm days. Today at our Nation’s capital its 80 degrees. I am placing a Mayday basket in your inbox in the form of a URL. Click on the URL and this link takes you to our Nation’s Capital, filled with blossoms and monuments. Hope you have a fantastic day. Enjoy!

Washington DC has many faces. Most of you have visited the nation’s Capital, even a few were lucky to see the Tidal basin where cherry blossoms live. During the autumn months the trees drop their leaves and take a long nap. The sun then warms up the land, Mother Nature wakes up and begins to dress her lifeless trees in soft pink blossoms. The blossoms open overnight. A beautiful pink hue covers the trees.

Magnolias at its best!



My favorite milky way 🙂
Enjoying beautiful sunny day!




Alabaster lamp shade with Cherry Blossom
Martin Luther King Jr Monument


The first outdoor event after the cold winter months, is the Spring Cherry blossom festival. Once the blossoms are opened, every day is a festival day for the natives and visitors. DC welcomes visitors from all over the world. This year we experienced unusual cold and windy weather that battered the precious cherry Blossoms.  Despite this, the blossoms held strong. As the weather grew warmer, streaks of pink were seen before a full blush was attained.

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Spring in Washington DC

Spring in Washington DC!

When one thinks of Washington DC, what comes to mind? Monuments and memorials, famous buildings like the Pentagon, capital and the white house. Washington DC is a place unlike any other. It’s a home away from home with free museums, gardens, theaters, award-winning restaurants and more. DC hosts many festivals, concerts and galas, just to name a few. Let me take you to the Tidal Basin where the blossoms are in full bloom, if we are lucky we may see few water fouls.

Tidal Basin
Blossoms on the opposite side of basin
Blossoms at their prime! 

Milky way 🙂

Jefferson Memorial
Washington Monument across the Tidal Basin


Lincoln Memorial .This was a drive by shot!

Canadian Geese enjoying a beautiful spring day


Wheels down ready to land. Reagan National Airport

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Forsythia and Daffodils – Elegant Easter eggs and birds nest tablescape.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! Easter is a time of new beginnings and a renewal of life and hope. For most of us, Easter encompasses bunny rabbits, eggs, and spring but it is much more. Decorations and interior design are a great way to show transitions in seasons, especially when you have a holiday to help mark it!


I clipped few branches for my spring arrangement. Due to unseasonably cold conditions most of the blossoms were killed.
Blue and white vase holds Forsythia blossoms

The first blossom to catch one’s eye during this season of budding life is Forsythia and Daffodils. They are both so vibrant and colorful. DSC_0186

I have placed few Daffodils in a Watering Can. Daisy and Bella had to see what was in the Watering Can.
For this holiday and celebration of Spring, I have created a vibrant Easter/Spring tablescape with fresh flowers, birds nest, and bunny candle holders.
Golden charger laid the foundation for this table setting.
My M&M center pieces was a good contrast for Kate Spade table runner
Golden Birds nest



I just couldn’t resist this kitchen towel set, he had to come home with me.

They lied.


Tables Details

                                             Table cloth                       Home goods

                                            Table runner                    Kate Spade Home goods

                                            Birds nest                           Pier 1 imports

                                           Bunny Candle holder       Pier 1 imports

                                          Bunny kitchen towel          Home goods 

                                        Golden  charger                      Home goods

Bunnies                                      Home goods & Walmart

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Bunnies and birdnest tablescape with edible centerpiece.

Easter is just few days away, let’s bring out the bunnies, fill the baskets with Easter eggs and spring blossoms. Set the table for brunch and beyond.

Vase filled with M &M chocolate candy. Daffodils picked from my garden mixed with store brought Carnation flowers makes this center piece.
I filled the container with M&M, inserted a small plastic cup (cup must be smaller than your vase) and twisted till the M&M covered the sides of the plastic cup and the cup is not visible. Carefully pour the cold water into the cup,then insert flowers into the cup.
Ready for race in his pink truck.
This pastel colored tablecloth lays the foundation for this table. Two rose gold bunnies strolled in with their cousins and took a the best seat.
Fiona in her pretty Easter dress!
Family getting ready for the photographer
Here we go! All ready for picture taking:)


Cup cakes!

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