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Red white and blue at its best!

Red white and blue! I put together a few DIY project’s to help celebrate the 4th. Hope everyone enjoys, as much as I did. Red white and blue pleated bunting for the front porch,hand painted (CD) card board box transformed into a flower box, filled with fresh flowers and much more. Hope everyone has enjoyed Red white and blue celebration! Please don’t forget to leave your comments. Have a great […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

In accordance with Mother’s day celebration, I want to wish every Mother a very, “Happy Blessed Mother’s Day”. This post is dedicated to all the creative moms. I want to especially thank my Mom, who is my support and mentor in every project I have created and will create. For this year’s Mother’s Day, I have created a DIY flower box! The best part of this DIY is the fact […]

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Hip hip hooray,May is here!

Washington DC has many faces. Most of you have visited the nation’s Capital, even a few were lucky to see the Tidal basin where cherry blossoms live. During the autumn months the trees drop their leaves and take a long nap. The sun then warms up the land, Mother Nature wakes up and begins to dress her lifeless trees in soft pink blossoms. The blossoms open overnight. A beautiful pink […]

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Spring in Washington DC

Spring in Washington DC! When one thinks of Washington DC, what comes to mind? Monuments and memorials, famous buildings like the Pentagon, capital and the white house. Washington DC is a place unlike any other. It’s a home away from home with free museums, gardens, theaters, award-winning restaurants and more. DC hosts many festivals, concerts and galas, just to name a few. Let me take you to the Tidal Basin where […]

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Forsythia and Daffodils – Elegant Easter eggs and birds nest tablescape.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! Easter is a time of new beginnings and a renewal of life and hope. For most of us, Easter encompasses bunny rabbits, eggs, and spring but it is much more. Decorations and interior design are a great way to show transitions in seasons, especially when you have a holiday to help mark it! The first blossom to catch one’s eye during this season of […]

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Bunnies and birdnest tablescape with edible centerpiece.

Easter is just few days away, let’s bring out the bunnies, fill the baskets with Easter eggs and spring blossoms. Set the table for brunch and beyond. Enjoy! I hope you have enjoyed this blog. Thank you all for visiting!! Tell your friends about my Easter tables-cape blog. If you have any questions, send me a message for more information. I would be more than happy to discuss my decorations and […]

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Easter trees and spring decorations!

Now for some indoor decorations! I created a variation of spring and Easter trees! I created a blue and white tree by using a small Grand Handle Urn covered in moss as a base and Tulip Poplar branches as the ‘tree’. I adorned the tree with DIY Styrofoam eggs. I used chalk paint to create vibrant blue eggs and stark white branches. The overall look is both colorful and muted […]

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where did the spring go?

Hello all, after a short break I am back! I was on hiatus due to work obligations. For the past few months, I have been working on certifications for work and have reached a serendipitous break. I’m glad I was able to finish most of the certs but I have a few more to go! I have a bit more time on my plate and thought it would be a […]

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