Bunnies and birdnest tablescape with edible centerpiece.

Easter is just few days away, let’s bring out the bunnies, fill the baskets with Easter eggs and spring blossoms. Set the table for brunch and beyond.

Vase filled with M &M chocolate candy. Daffodils picked from my garden mixed with store brought Carnation flowers makes this center piece.
I filled the container with M&M, inserted a small plastic cup (cup must be smaller than your vase) and twisted till the M&M covered the sides of the plastic cup and the cup is not visible. Carefully pour the cold water into the cup,then insert flowers into the cup.
Ready for race in his pink truck.
This pastel colored tablecloth lays the foundation for this table. Two rose gold bunnies strolled in with their cousins and took a the best seat.
Fiona in her pretty Easter dress!
Family getting ready for the photographer
Here we go! All ready for picture taking:)


Cup cakes!

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Easter trees and spring decorations!

Now for some indoor decorations! I created a variation of spring and Easter trees!

Blue and white Easter trees in my sunroom. Snow covered ground first day of spring.


I created a blue and white tree by using a small Grand Handle Urn covered in moss as a base and Tulip Poplar branches as the ‘tree’. I adorned the tree with DIY Styrofoam eggs. I used chalk paint to create vibrant blue eggs and stark white branches. The overall look is both colorful and muted by the matte finish.

Blue room  with blue and white tree!
The bunny tree is adorned with decorative Easter bunny eggs. If you look closely, you will notice a picture on each egg


My Precious Antique tree

Now onto my favorite tree, the Easter tree! It’s very special to me and I use it in almost all of my Easter decorations. I picked it up from MJ Designs (this was a craft store back in the 90’s) with my girls and we’ve decorated it each year. It has a bit of minor wear and tear but the memories attached to it are precious and priceless – I guess you can call it an antique! I  decorated the antique tree with silk eggs, simple and sweet.

Bead studded multi color easter eggs adorns the dining room chandelier.





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Liz Prakash


where did the spring go?

Hello all, after a short break I am back! I was on hiatus due to work obligations. For the past few months, I have been working on certifications for work and have reached a serendipitous break. I’m glad I was able to finish most of the certs but I have a few more to go! I have a bit more time on my plate and thought it would be a great time to put out a new blog post with spring and Easter decorations!

Snow covered trees

It’s funny though, looking outside the window one wouldn’t know it was the first day of spring. Mother Nature surprised us with rain, sleet, and snow in one day! I grabbed my camera to capture a few pictures of the winter wonderland.

Cardinal taking a break from pesky squirrels.

The Bronze Bunny is the main star of this snowy adventure! On the first day of spring Mr. Bronze wanted to play with his friends. He left his cozy home without a jacket or boots, hoping to be warmed by the sun. To his surprise the yard was covered in snow!

Mr. Bronze
Where are my friends?
Looks like everyone is still in bed.

Now for some indoor decorations! I created a variation of spring and Easter trees.

A colorful Easter tree is perched on my barn wood tray made by my handy hubby!
Friends of Mr. Bronze 🙂



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Liz Prakash


Valentine’s Day simple and easy dessert: served on polka dot cupcake stand.


The dessert table set with  gold etched  champagne  glasses, dessert plated on polka dot cupcake stand. Tartan plaid  plates forms the base for this dessert setting .


Red berry hearts and rose petals adorn this colorful table.dsc_0096

Dessert plate set on an hand embroidered table cloth.

Raspberry chocolate wine ready to be served.


Tea time after dessert


Pink ruffled carnations along with red roses.


Dessert table!
Happy Valentines Day from Tableswearspearls

Valentine’s day table scape!

Chocolates that spell, “I LOVE YOU”, pink Carnations blossoms in a Kenilworth U.S.A. vintage pottery beverage carafe. Spode caramanian red and white dinner plates layered on pewter chargers make the foundation for this table. The table is scattered with hearts made of sparkling beads and red berries. 

Chocolate box relays the message, “I Love you”.
Hearts made of white beads and red berries adorn the plates.


Hidden surprise to follow!

The Spode Archive Collection ‘RUINS’
The Spode Archive Collection ‘PAGODA’
The Spode Archive Collection ‘TROPHIES’
Little cups filled with heart shaped candy and red & pink beads.
Pink Carnations and red hearts fills up the vase.



Champagne for two ❤
Cheers my dear!
❤ ❤ ❤
Chocolates ,Champagne and candy hearts.
Cheers to all my fiends!



Happy Valentine’s Day


Winter French Onion soup on a cold rainy day

For the past few days we have had on and off heavy rain and strong winds in the DMV area. Grey, wet, and gloomy looks like soup weather to me. I search my pantry for a can of soup, but to my surprise there is none! All I found were onions, chicken broth, and baguettes. These ingredients call for homemade French Onion Soup. I’m pressed for time with needing to put away Christmas decorations so I’ll fall back on one of my old recipes that is quick and easy (recipe to be listed at the end of the post).


Even in a hurry I always set my table! This is my Onion soup plated with classic blue and white Johnson Brothers salad plate. I anchored the plates with my white Studio Nova soup bowl.Blue cotton napkins serve as a charger for the soup setting. Cheese melted beautifully on the baguettes form a lovely brown crust.


Dark blue napkins complements the blue Johnson Brothers soup set. Mini  Dutch Oven  Cocottes are perfect to serve soup from oven to table.The baguettes were also the perfect size for the Mini Cocottes.

Dipping sauce for the baguettes is easy and fast to make. Two tablespoon of extra virgin oil,add a pinch of Italian seasoning and red few red pepper flakes. Give it a good stir, ready to serve:)


I had leftover baguettes which were lightly buttered and rubbed with fresh crushed garlic.
Silver and Golden butter dish houses fresh garlic butter


I accompanied the baguettes with Extra Virgin Olive oil dipping sauce.This dipping sauce is served in a white ceramic long handle sauce dish making it easy to handle.



My rainy day French Onion soup  is served!

The Nutcrackers waiting to be packed away! Each one of the Nutcracker is carefully wrapped in tissue paper placed safely in their container till next Xmas season.


Village set and glass bulbs awaiting to be packed away.


Recipe for the French Onion Soup with a few variation from the traditional soup. Vegetarians can substitute vegetable broth. 

In this recipe I substituted beef broth with chicken broth

  Preparation time 15 minutes   cooking time 40 minutes


  1. 1/2 cup unsalted butter  (I used 1tsp)
  2. 2 tablespoon of olive oil
  3. 4 cups sliced onions
  4. 4.cups beef broth (I used chicken broth)
  5. 1 teaspoon dried thyme (I used Italian seasoning)
  6. Dry Sherry 2 tablespoon (I used dry red wine)
  7. salt and pepper to taste
  8. French Bread 4 to 6 slices
  9. Provolone cheese 4 to 6 slices
  10. 2 slices Swiss cheese diced
  11. 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese


  1. Melt butter with olive oil in a thick bottom stock pot 8 quart on low heat.Add onions and stir until tender and translucent. Do not brown the onions.
  2. Add broth, sherry and thyme. Add salt and pepper as needed. Let it simmer for 30 minutes on the stove top.
  3. Heat the oven broiler, Ladle soup into oven safe soup bowls,place bread on top. Layer with a slice of provolone cheese and half slice of swiss cheese.
  4. Place soup bowls on a baking sheet and leave it in the oven till cheese bubbles and browns. ( this happens in few seconds)
  5. Remove from oven and serve .  Soup is extremely hot.




Twas The Night Before Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

Poem by: Clement Clarke Moore (1779 – 1863) wrote the poem, “Twas The Night Before Christmas,” also called, “A Visit from St. Nicholas” in 1822.

Nutcrackers  awaiting the arrival of Santa. We have the troops all lined up for inspection before the Christmas parade .
My Nutcracker collection is displayed on the stairs below the garland.


The Dickens village collection I started twenty plus years back. In this particular picture I have a combination of Lenox, Dickens, and some antique houses in this collection.I have placed two lighted pine trees on either side to balance the village setting. I did decorate the tree with apples and winter berries.

This year I used the wood panel as my backdrop for the village display. Look closely and you will see red lights intertwined in the wooden panel. My dear Hubby did all the light work which he hooked up to one outlet.
City hall resides above street level. This majestic building takes prime spot in the village.
Franciscan Brother’s ring the church bell at very hour. Both the brothers enjoy this part of their daily chores
Side decoration for the panel with my favourite red berries. A cardinal by his winter home adds a festive flare.
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree  all decked out! Gifts wrapped with care and placed under the tree! 
Elves have managed to collect all the gifts and are holding them for ransom (most likely for cookies and milk).
The ladder is placed carefully by the Christmas bin! Once the elves have all the gifts it will be easy to kick of the ladder for a quick escape. If you look closely, you can see one hanging on the tips of his fingers! Naughty as always. 
This lantern was too heavy for the Elves to move. Safe for now …


Mr. Nicodemus and Ms. Helena are dressed  for the Christmas Eve ball. Ms. Helena is decked out in her double layer pearls which she accompanied with a plaid skirt, long sleeve wool blouse, and red scarf. Mr. Nicodemus is in his new crop pants, suspenders and a black necktie to match with Ms. Helena.
Trying out their new sleigh, Mr Nicodemus made sure Ms. Helena had a new satin blanket for the ride to the ball. The reindeers are on a tight schedule! They have to be back for the big night to help Santa deliver presents for all little girls and boys. The mister and missus were very grateful for the ride. 
Ready for the ride! They need someone to take care of the ladder though.


Ms. Holly Holiday waiting to welcome her guest by the village gate. She is standing on a gold acorn layered with beaded carpet.
Mr. Snowman has joined the welcome party.
Still no sign of the Mr. Nicodemus and Ms. Helena.
Guest has arrived !
Lady apples and Gala apples with fresh evergreen makes a beautiful arrangement by the fireplace


Cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer (we have used this Santa’s plate for the past 25 years).



Kitchen chandelier with red poinsettias  




A dear friend – Pauline’s village display.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from our family to yours!